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The Earful - About The Band, Biography, Members


About The Earful

Nominated for Best Jazz Artist in 2013 at the San Diego Music Awards, The Earful is a high-powered, in your face, booty shakin’ machine. The Earful was born in 2008 as a vehicle for Brian “Toniq" Teel to share his musical vision with the world. The project has taken many forms throughout the years, yet it’s purpose is undeniably dedicated to healing through music by creating a space where audiences can lose themselves in the groove and let the rhythm take hold in the present moment and let their body do the talking. The Earful uplifts the spirit, invigorates the soul and leaves fans feeling connected through the love and energy they bring to each and every show. When the music drops, fans can leave their troubles aside, feel the spirit and shake their rumps until they sweat, and then sweat some more.

The Earful touches on various styles of the funk in all of its forms, paying tribute to the masters while contributing a unique Earful flair and heart that is truly their own. Their 2011 release, “Funk for your Earhole”, written, arranged and produced by bandleader Brian Teel, draws from the styles of greats such as P-funk, James Brown and Sly and the Family Stone, and carries their unwavering plight to keep the funk alive. Since then, Teel has moved the music into the electro-funk realm, focusing on evolving the future of funk, all the while reaching back on occasion to touch on musical elements from D.C. GoGo, Boogie, and early 80’s funk.

The current lineup features Teel on the Keyboards, Guitar, and Vocals, and Jam scene legend Zak Najor, formerly of The Greyboy Allstars and Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe on Drums and Vocals. The chemistry on stage is palpable and playful, as these two have been writing, performing and producing records together for the last 20 years.

Having shared the stage with amazing talent such as Soulive, Level 42, Groundation, Big Sam's Funky Nation, The New Mastersounds, Orgone, The Original Wailers and Les Nubians, The Earful brings a paint-peeling, barn-burning intensity that is unforgettable. They are currently on tour and working on their forth-coming EP, West Coast GoGo. With this record, the band resurrects GoGo and adds a west coast twist. Though often overlooked, this percussion-heavy, sock-rockin’ funk genre that was once popular in the D.C. area in the early 80’s is sure to delight and surprise even the most well-versed funk fans. To learn more about The Earful’s upcoming endeavors, dates and more, visit www.theearful.com.


Brian Teel: Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals

Zak Najor: Drums, Vocals

Press Quotes:

“The fact remains that their attention to song craft and creating danceable music has been an uncompromising success. This band could easily be a headliner and I believe it’s only a matter of time until they are taking top billing around the country.”
-Nicholas Stock, - Jambands.com

"If you are going to Backwoods to get down and dirty, then The Earful is for you. The San Diego based band is a jazz livewire and their music guaranteed to make you want to dance. Just one listen to the bass line and sax solo on their track "Ill Logic" and you'll understand how the were able to name their 2011 LP "Funk for your Earhole". The Earful has been gracing their audiences with honest-to-god booty shaking music since 2008 and they will not dissapoint at Backwoods." - Live For Live Music, Mar. 2015

“The Earful delivered a high energy performance that got the party started right. The band’s 2011 Funk for Your Earhole LP draws on the usual suspects of funk influences like James Brown, P-Funk, the Meters, and local king of funk Karl Denson. The Hammond organ is heavily featured, but the band also brings a tight rhythm section and an ace horn section that elevated one jam after another. There are plenty of funk bands vying for attention these days, and energy is ultimately what tends to separate the contenders from the pretenders. The Earful brought it, and the enthusiastic crowd reflected it back.” - Pop Matters, Feb. 2014

"...played an amazing set that would have left any music fan with a pulse with a gigantic smile on their face. Led by organ-player extrordinaire Brian Teel, some insanely talented horn players, as well as excellent guitar and feet stomping percussion, the band jammed out a high energy show. At one point it felt like literally everyone in the building, including the band members themselves, were jumping up and down as they reveled in the funky sounds. The Earful was indeed true to their name, as their funky beats filled not only everybody's ears, but judging by the looks on people's faces and how hard everybody was getting down, every inch of their mind, body, and soul as well! - Rage Colorado, Oct. 2014

"Nominated for Best Jazz Artist 2013 in the San Diego Music Awards, The Earful is the funkiest up-and-coming sound our West Coast breeze can stand to carry. A reverberation of Teel’s Hammond organ mixed into the energetic beat held by Tim “Figg” Newton on drums produced a sweet, fertile field where the rest of the crew felt free to play with the sort of improvisation all great funk is born from." -The UCSD Guardian, May 2014

For more info or to schedule an interview with The Earful, please contact Jeff Schad at Montauk Music: jeff@montaukmusic.com  (703) 581-7441